I have been in bed for three days on the corner of Rue de Mirbel and Rue du Marché des Patriarches, in the fifth. I am relaxing my muscles and killing my pain. All of a sudden nothing happens. I have watched 30 hours of not so legally acquired American and British TV and a samurai movie that was made one year before I was born.  The movie takes place in a town full of mostly evil samurai. One evil samurai has a six shooter. The only gun in town. The only good samurai preferred to stick his tongue out rather then fight. Stick your tongue out. It’s fun.

Now my muscles are relaxed and my pain is almost killed. I’m going to 1000 Californias and leaving one Paris. First I’m going to watch a French action movie, as soon as it downloads. Maybe I’ll learn another new word like MFWIC. That’s some form of British for “Muva Fucka Wot’s In Charge”.

 Although I can’t see it, a man on the street below is clearing a nostril.

I just dozed off. I just dozed off again. What a wastrel! Oh, come on. Take it easy. At least I wrote this down and did a load of wash. As my favorite samurai likes to say after sticking his tongue out, “See ya ’round”.

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