Poet, playwright, dramaturge, scenic creator, essayist, narrator, visual artist and musician. Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Literature and Bachelor of Laws. Throughout his artistic career, García de Mesa has distinguished himself by experimenting with different art forms. In 2006, Ediciones Idea (Canary Islands) published an eleven-volume collection including all his books of poems and plays to date. As a researcher on contemporary scenic arts, he has collaborated, in essays and research work, with such groups as ARTEA (related to Archivo Visual de las Artes Escénicas, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha); MODERNARIA (Universidad de La Laguna, Facultad de Filología Hispánica); and some specialized publications in Europe and the Americas. His creativity also found expression in art and music. He has already exhibited his graphic work individually and has performed his compositions live on the piano, both on the Canary Islands and in Madrid.

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